Couture/Chuck Mentioned on CBS

On CSI New York today, some victim was beaten to a bloody
pulp and the CSI conversation went something like this.

A: "I wonder who could do something like this"

B: "Maybe Randy Couture"

A: "Or Chuck Liddel"

I got a kick out of it b/c their names were dropped casually.

They were treated like household names, without explaining
that they were MMA fighters.


Yes I did too. I called out for my wife to come and see it. I was hoping to hear more references to them or the UFC.

That's awesome!

well, THAT will keep the idea in the casual's head that mma is a bloodsport


That's funny!!!...and great for the sport. Everyone who heard it and didn't know who Chuck and Randy are will go to the web to find out and be introduced to this great sport.

like it!

my mom was watching and mentioned it. Very cool. I just saw Shamrock on THat 70's show (it was a repeat from when he was with WWF/E.

The mainstream NEEDS Randy

That's great. It is funny that they just threw these 2 names out there without any explanation for the non-MMA fans.

That's cool news.


What a weird reference. What percentage of the audience would have the slightest idea what they were talking about? Cool, though.

One of the writers is probably a fan and gave a little thumbs up. Writers and Directors often pay tributes like that, and the actors probably had no idea.

[Looking down at corpse with mashed face]

"Looks like this guy went a couple of rounds with Chuck Lidell." - Dude

"More like Randy Couture." - Chick

I too looked up from my computer when I heard that. I rewinded it just to make sure I heard what I thought I heard.

Yelm, your mom knows about mma? That's cool dude. Does she follow it or just knows some names because she hears you mention them all the time?

I had to rewind it a couple of times to make sure I heard it right. I think MMA is about to explode. When hollywood likes something, it at least is given a good opportunity to succeed.

I saw that too!

I got a good laugh out of it!!

lol, that's cool

This has made my day! That show always has funny lines like when the rats crawled out of the dead persons mouth and the CSI guy said "she ratted herself out". Ho ho. An insider reference to Couture and Chuck is outstanding!!! TTT for CSI