Couture fightin 2 fullfill contrat

I know I spelled contract wrong but I ran out of title room.

Couture has one fight on his UFC contract.  My theory is he is going to fight Sylvia to get the contract fullfilled so he is free to fight anywhere else he wants.  I think this is setting up Couture/Fedor in Pride.  Pride is saying they stole a hge UFC name out from under the UFC so this is what I am thinking.  They are going to give Couture a couple million to headline the third US show Pride does.   Awesome promotion to use a well known American fighter to introduce a phenom like Fedor to the US. 

no its only one



Zuffa does not give title shots without signing the fighters to a long term contract first.

Good theory except UFC just bought Pride.

weird if Couture ducked Liddell only to fight Fedor.

attjack is correct.

Fathead has chokeslammed the incorrect

damn str8 Steve

It is a title fight and it is Royce not Rickson

"And yes I signed up just to say that."


lol I think just got owned.

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Fathead: "lol I think just got owned."

LOL - your most accurate statement on this thread. ;)

lol I think just got owned.

4 fight contract for Couture. You got owned indeed.