Couture/Henderson Seminar

I want to thank everyone that attended the Randy Couture/Dan Henderson Seminar on May 8th and 9th 2004. It was a huge succuss and I had a great time putting it together. We had people attend that came from as far as Florida. I had a chance to meet some great people, thanks for introducing yourselves to me. I wish I could have met with all of you, but the seminar kept me pretty busy.

I would like to apologize for Matt Lindland's absence. When I met with Randy & Dan for dinner on the Saturday night of the seminar weekend, they informed me that Matt forgot his passport in Oregon and wouldn't be able to make for Sunday's seminar. Well of all places to get stranded Hawaii doesn't sound too bad.

That brings me to the topic of my next seminar. Matt Lindland has expressed to me that he still wants to come up here for a seminar. That seminar will most likely be held in October in the GTA. As soon as I'm ready to start planning for it I'll let you folks know about registration and so on.

Yes, I still have the official Team Quest t-shirts avalible for purchase. Just contact me at, if you haven't already done so.

On a side note:

I just came back from visiting my brother in California where I got to train with Cal Worsham's Team X. Cal and his guys are training for the next "King Of The Cage" so there were some intense training sessions. He threw me into the cage to to get a little taste of how they do things down in California. Let me tell you it was blast. Anyways I was wondering if anyone might be interested in having Cal come up here to Ontario to do a seminar.

I also had a chance to sit down with Frank Shamrock and discuss a possible return to the Toronto for another seminar in the future.

Let me know what you folks think.

Thanks again!

Shawn "Hulk" Geris

Hey Hulk! Can you get us a cage?


After all your threats about posting my baby pictures, I have decided that YOU will be the first to enter the cage.

Hey Shawn,

Keep me in the loop for the Matt Lindland Oct date and I'm all for a Cal Worsham seminar.

The Dan & Randy seminar was a blast.

Good to here from you Clint!

I will definately keep you guys in the loop, thanks for your support!

Anyone interested in a Fred Ettish seminar???



That reminds me. You Mom and Dad have yet to send those baby hulk pics. Your Dad had an evil laugh when he said he'd send them.

In the ring, none can catch me. My "Fleeing Chicken" technique is beyond any mere mortal's technique!