Couture, Penn books

I will be purchasing BJ Penn's Mixed Martial Arts: The Book of Knowledge. I'm also interested in Couture's Wrestling for Fighting book.

I have very little to go by, but Penn's book seems to cover a lot of the same things Randy's does in terms of mma, not simply wrestling. I have limited funds as a college kid who is not working and was looking for opinions from the all-knowing UG.

Do these books overlap too much? Worth getting both? Anyone who owns either, what do you think of them?



BJ's book is all you need.

I got Randy's and its pretty sweet. Saw Bj's at the store and it looks pretty friggin awesome but i needed the 30 bucks for crack later that night.

imo, BJ's is better. But I do BJJ.

I'm waiting for the McCorkle cliff notes!


Randy's book is essentially a pure wrestling book. It has a few submissions(three all wrestling related) and a section on mma.

It has a freestyle wrestling section. A greco wrestling Section and then a mma wrestling section.

BJ Penn's book is a purely mma book. It has striking takedowns subs and combos.

The books actually BARELY overlap at all in my opinion.

Randy's book is focused on improving your wrestling game and aligning it for mma.

BJ's book is a great mma book especially for beginners but you could say it doesnt go as in depth as Randys.

Any other questions?

Interesting, Dioxippus. Do you think the section Couture has on mma wrestling is worth getting the book?

The reason I am interested in Couture's book is that I have a half year of high school wrestling experience. Basically none. Once I graduate I plan on training. The schools in the area, according to a local mma forum, don't do much wrestling other than one school (the one I plan on going to) which is going to implement a wrestling class soon.

I just don't think it would be very practical to learn a bunch about muay thai and bjj, without trying to get as much wrestling knowledge as possible so I can be the one trying to determine where the fight takes place.

unscarred53042 consider which fighter's styles you'd want to learn about more, which style would work best for you.

Randy's book reflects his approach to fighting and in turn his book extensively covers Wrestling, Greco, and tactics to apply them in MMA. Likewise BJ's book reflect his own approach to MMA, which is very different but proven effective. Overall BJ's book emphasizes stand-up and the ground whereas Randy's focuses on the transition between the two. We don't force fighters into demonstrating moves they share what works for them.

So again go with what you feel the need to learn about most :)

thanks for the serious replies

No prob.