Couture - The Old Man Of MMA!

Fuck that, he's still THE man of MMA!!!

Props to him for getting out and moving on to train other guys.

Hell, I'd love to train under Couture!

Randy became one of my all time favorite fighters way back when he was beating big guys like Steven "3-D" Graham. And Tony Halme. Not because they were the best opponents, but because of the way he handled much bigger guys, he fought like HE was the big guy.

The dismantling of "The Phenom" cemented Randy's status and affected Vitor for the rest of his career.

If Randy is all done with fighting, I hope he gets into the broadcasting side. He can comment on a fight with a lot of insight.

Severn jobs.

"my genious!"


Way to go GENIUS!

...I didn't think anyone was going to get that.

You are so smart!


If Severn only fought the guys Couture fought his record would be about 8-14.