Couture to train & corner Carano for title

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                                Couture to train & corner Carano for title

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When she faces Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos in August, Gina Carano, for the first time in her mixed martial arts career, will have her gym’s namesake by her side.

Randy Couture has accepted Carano’s invitation to train her for the highly anticipated Strikeforce bout, has learned from a source close to Couture. The invitation was made shortly after Carano’s contractual limbo with the promotion ended.

Couture, currently on the New Orleans set of the Sylvester Stallone-helmed action movie “The Expendables,” is watching video on Santos to formulate a game plan. When he returns to Las Vegas..later this month, he will begin working beside Carano in addition to boxing coach Gil Martinez and Muay Thai coach Quinton Chong.

As in her previous three camps, the gym's regulars, including Tyson Griffin, Gray Maynard, Mike Pyle, Jay Hieron, and Martin Kampmann, will be her sparring partners.

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Should be a great camp can't wait for this...Go Gina!

that's why he got that 2nd divorce.......

Isn't his fight with Nog within weeks of this?

vangor - Do you think he's tappin it?

 Go Randy

vangor - Do you think he's tappin it?

super spawn

they should kiss

What do you guys think they are saying?

I'm still confused. Is this news? I was under the impression that she'd been training at Couture's camp for a while, so I'd assume it would be a matter of course for him to have some hand in training her for any fight.

kalki - that's why he got that 2nd divorce.......

3rd iirc

Magic8 -  How anyone thinks she's hot is beyond me...


That's a BIG bitch!!

Kim and Gina were sitting next to each other @ UFC 90 in Chicago as well.

It's funny Randy is training her, they don't have any similarities in their respective styles.

Magic8 - 
romulox - 
Magic8 - How anyone thinks she's hot is beyond me...

whats the matter her chin is to pointy?

you fucking nimrod
Yeah, i don't think Gina Carono is hot so I must be an idiot...

That doesnt make you an idiot. It makes you a homo.

She currently trains at Xtreme Couture, not with Randy.

I'm just happy that this fight is 5 5 minute rounds. It's about time that the 2 biggest names in U.S. women's mma get the same treatment as the men. This is my first post. I'm glad to be apart of the UG. Before someone says it no I'm not a tuff noob. Just a UG noob.

romulox - so you don't like 'chubby' girls

all right, there we go, just for you:


are you happy now?


 I"ve stated this in another Gina/Cyborg thread...I think the problem is that they are two entirely different types of people - Gina is a woman who is great at mma; Cyborg is a fighter that happens to participate in mma.

Cyborg has a natural ferocity, tenacity, & killer instinct that is absent from Carano...I like both of these women a lot but I just haven't seen enough from Gina to think that this fight can end any other way than her getting hurt...maybe she's got something I haven't seen, we'll see...

gina carano via wrestling n bein on top the whole fight