Couture vs. Gonzaga

Now that this fight has been offically announced what are your predictions?

Mine is Randy by TKO in the 2nd.

I don't know how, but I'm picking Randy.

CRE to piss on my prediction in 3, 2, 1...

I just can't wait for this fight.

Think its going to be a tough fight for Coture. But still gotta go with him probably by knockout. Im guessing 2nd round. IMO

Randy by ref stoppage in the 3rd or 4th

I got Gonzaga by KO. The guy is truly a beast.

Randy ...

Nuff said.

The only way Gonzaga loses this fight is if he gasses. Randy is not going to stop him because he won't be able to pass if he gets the takedown. He isn't going to win the fight on the feet, because he's slower. And he won't be able to dominate the clinch because he won't have a strength advantage.

Randy knows what's ahead of him. In all his interviews, he keeps talking up his experience advantage, and what he's basically saying is that he hopes Gonzaga screws up and makes a mistake or freaks out and blows his adrenaline, because he knows that's the ony way he'll get a win.

"He can GnP from the guard."

Not in this fight.

Gonzaga isnt going to GnP Randy.

if anything Randy will GnP his way to decision.

Gonzaga has a good, active guard.

Only way Randy wins this fight is if Gonzaga gasses or McCarthy allows him to nuzzle and cuddle his way to a decision.

Gonzaga by KO.

gonzaga by sub.

What do you want, Pasta? Some kind of bet?

Randy has done well against bigger stronger grapplers. Randy is a legend but that is his achilles heel. On paper Gonzaga should win... on paper.. but any thing can hapen

Gotta be on the Randy bandwagon, but I think Gonzaga will take it!