Covington calls Usman 'CEO of EPO'

Is there truth to Covington’s accusations or at this point are you rolling your eyes to whatever he says?

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Colby’s a cringey troll, literally dont wanna hear him talk just wanna c him fight, n it’s a compliment for Usman when his opponent who got his face broken thinks he was using EPO, just means Usman’s a beast


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Really good interview. Let’s go Colby!


Outstanding rant about Poirier!!! Great interview as always.

everyone with endless cardio is on the stuff too

colby has endless cardio

Also LOL @ “injecting EPO into his asshole” Colby is comedy gold.

I don’t like Covington’s character or shtick too much and he lacks wit and intellect so of course casual UFC fans eat that shit up because they are retards but I’ll admit “the CEO of EPO” is one of his best lines that I’ve heard. Somebody likely came up with that one for him but still…


i mean…its a slightly more witty thing to say than Marty “FakeNewsman” or “Juiceman”

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I would love to see him fight Colby.

Colby walls at 190

Poirier used to weigh over 200lbs as a youth he said, so I’m sure he gets big.

I can believe they walk at the same weight.

I believe he borrowed the line from Daren of More Plates More Dates on YouTube.

People used “CEO of EPO” months or even 1yr+ ago when talking about TJ Dillashaw. So Colby is just playing that heel character by taking other people’s lines.

That’s a pretty funny nickname.

I always like when he calls Peter Yan “Little Peter Pan”

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I thought Khumshot Chimaev was a great one

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