Craig (Farmer) Brown thanks..

Hey guys I haven't been on here for a while so here goes.

I would like to thank all the fans for their support last night, it means alot to know that so many people were behind me.I may have lost the battle but you guys made me feel like the winner.

I would like to thank the new FIT MMA and the guys at the gym for their help in the training.

I would like to thank Damian and Casper and Jason for being in my corner and all of your support and time that you put in for me.

Thanks to KOTC Canada it was nice working with all of you well except for Chris he is a very angry Lebanese dude lol. Also thanks to Travis Galbraith for a good fight you my friend are a stand up guy and you carried yourself like a true champ.

And finially I would like to say thanks to the Ronin Crew for your support (also congrats to Steph and Nick although I think Nick got beat up by the Bottle at the after party.) and despite what any one says there is no bad blood between myself and Ronin, these are stand up guys!


Craig Brown

Craig you fought your heart out like you always do.Congrats man.

true warrior.


The Farmer is a good guy.

It was a pleasure to meet you Craig! Good luck in the future! Chester and I would just like to know...does anything ever bother you?

ttt for the Farmer. Shoot me an e-mail when you get the chance Farmer

sends skipper straight porn

I thought the fight was stopped to early..but regardless; You fought hard, Craig, keep your chin up, I know you'll bounce back tougher than ever!



Who wants straight porn???? It's so boring to me now.

Tough brake buddy. Shoot me an email and we will get a road trip to O town for some training and pints.

to me, craig brown epitomizes everything mma should be, in and out of
the ring. i can't express in words how much respect i have for you, my

You're a good guy Farmer, and we look forward to getting you back soon!!


Hey thanx to farmer,(one tough sob) for a good fight,man i almost shit my pants when the refs walked to the room and their was no yves levigne, only the 2 refs that i see fuck up every tko apex fight that they ever reffed in quebec.

Galbraith rocked Farmer and sent him down, but the ref should have let it go a lil more ! that could have easily happen to us, and i would have had a brain hernia! but in Travis defense he didn't give Farmer a chance to post offence in that in this fight, and went hard from begining to end and it showed on Farmers face.

Ia sked one of the refs before the fight ,how much experience do you have ? and he said,you don't need to know that! unbelievable!

but all the ronin guys and fit mma guys are great and fun to party with, and we wish Farmer all the best in the future!


Thanks for being rock solid. You understand all aspects of this game and Im sure you will be back stronger than ever.

see you soon brother.


p.s. hey Kyle, I shit when i saw no Yves as well...good lord!!! Despite that, I think the refs did a good job.

Sorry I could not be there I was at the WEC in Las Vegas

Maybe the next one

Yves Lavigne

we missed you Yves...however the other guys did a good job. Farmer fight was stopped a bit fast but besides that BRAVO!!!

cya soon


Can someone hit me up with farmer's email address? He has disabled incoming mail it seems.

I'm interested in hearing the story behind FIT MMA.

Since I can't recieve mail as a regular member here, please email me at grant at sinhack dot net.