Crap I'm gonna be behind on this UFC Grand Prix!

College finals, studying. If I get the game now, I'll definitely fail my courses. Fuck you all! Haha jk. How is the full game?

I hope I get you in the first round, prepare for smokage!

Lol, you dont even know. Once I'm done, I'll have no life and only play the game while others have jobs. I'll catch up!

^ That's what I hear man. Can't wait to play it.

Ah this is the only thread i'm allowed to brag about the fact that i beat chuck by desicion on expert

Sweet, good info nobones. Thanks.

i only played some career mode. i havent even used the real characfters yet, but its pretty cool so far.

My 16yr old godson just destroyed me last nite. I'm absolutely terrible, but the only video game that was out when I was his age was pong, so I think I should get a break.

He won't even let me win, though. =\\

 I can't believe how much I get my ass kicked, I downloaded the Demo and practiced, and guys still SMOKE me, how are people this good at the game already? I have a losing online record, feel free to kick my ass, PS3 name : goergesstpeirre