Craziest day in UFC history?

Dana White is absolutely blasting Jon Jones on this call, is anybody on the UG still a fan of jon after all this?And your thoughts on chael being a real fighter and stepping up? Phone Post

It's not Jones' fault the card was cancelled. Everyone on here is blasting Jones & Jackson. The fact is it was the UFC that cancelled an entire card over 1 fight. Why didn't they do that in Calgary instead of continuing to polish a turd hoping for a diamond. This just shows that the UFC cards latley have been very poor with only 1-2 good fights on them. The UFC should be prepared to loose a headline fight and still put on a good card, but obviously they're not. I say boo to the UFC. I have no ill will towards Jones for not taking a fight against a guy fighting out of his weight class and coming of a big loss. The UFC has screwedover the fans as well as all the other fighters who were supposed to be on the card. Are they going to do something for them finacially? Is the card in Sept going to be free for the fans? I doubt it.