Silva stepped up and fought a top 5 heavyweight!!! Props to him, but he was owned. Now for the crazyness everyone talking about how a fight with Chuck would go get off the pipe!!! Chuck is not near the level of striker that Cro Cop is. Chuck hits very hard but thats pretty much the extent of his stand-up. Cro Cop is a K1 level striker arguably the best competeing in MMA today. Im not saying Chuck is not great he is just not Cro Cop so that comparison is apples and oranges. And i assure you Chuck isn't going to step up and face the likes of Cro Cop even though he walks around about 230. So if your going to argue something argue that now we know how a Chuck vs. Cro Cop fight would go!!!!

Does it surprise you?

Don't you know that one fight, and one fight alone, can change the entire landscape of MMA and determine who can beat who?

Silva is a mad man, he'll pretty much trade punches with anybody, I was all high during the fight and when I saw Silva fell, it's like watching the movie Gladiator when Maximus died at the end. Man a movie shouldnt ended that way, I like both Silva and Crocop, I'm so wish it could ended as a decision.

Anyway, gratz to Crocop, he earned it long time ago. I also remember him saying that he would retire after winning the GP title, I hope he has changed his mind now.

Would Chuck fight him? Yes..... I honestly believe that he would.

Would it be smart?

....... Fuck no.

Chuck would definitely fight Crocop. I have no doubt he'd fight Fedor if the fight were offered.

Snow Gorrilla you seem upset?!?!?! And you should show me some fucking respect,You are lucky i even allowed your mudnaming ass to post on this thread. If Chuck wanted tougher opposition he would step up and fight rather than cutting weight!!! I have a green name which means i know what i am talking about!!!

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