Cre Vs. Fuzzy?

...was it Cre or someone else that had an interwebs battle with Fuzzy?It was a while back ..any info?I might be wrong,but I remember something about a wrestling T-shirt outside of a show in Cal.anyone remember?I might be getting multiple threads intertwined.Help is appreciated.

...Cre I see you on!If this wasn't you you probably remember the dude in a highschool wrestling t waiting for a fight outside a local show.I think I'm gettin my stories all mixed up!

...I guess TILL FUZZY!!!

Herring In A Fur Coat -  It was Hojack IIRC. Hojack was supposed to meet some guy to fight?Sorry for sullying the great name of Cre.

...CRE could have posted to dismiss this,but I guess he's to busy being hard!!LOL