Cris Cyborg says she would accept the next fight vs Katie Taylor

Cris Cyborg was in attendance to see Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano. Afterwards she tweeted out to Eddie Hearn that she will accept the next challenge vs Taylor who was victorious. Undefeated at 21-0 and the winner of 18 gold medals she is simply the best. Cris Cyborg vs Katie Taylor would be a war, Cyborg is MMA’s best in terms of striking she has the best chance of winning the boxing title.

Conor McGregor tried and failed brilliantly in the 10th round. Cyborg might have a better chance. What do you think about a potential battle between these two best of their trades?


Of course she would…this type of big fight and payday are few and far between for her anymore

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I just learned who katie taylor is.

Cool. Let em bang, brosephina.

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Lets go Cyborg via destruction. They should make it with MMA gloves so Cyborg can finish the fight quicker :smiling_imp:

The hermaphrodite would be in an iron lung in the 9th round.

Taylor would pick her a fucking part. Cyborg with he big looping punches and head straight up in the air.

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Taylor easily outboxes her, she will look like an amateur.

Sheilds sparred with cyborg and clowned her a bit and Taylor is a better boxer than Sheilds (smaller but better boxing)

Can cyborg make weight? Thought she couldnt get below 145 years ago and thats why everyone had to move up for her dick pill taking ass

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Eddie Hearn knows not to bother with that fight. Cyborg would look like the dumbest brawler on earth.

Fucking Jessica Eye would stand a better chance in a boxing ring than Cyborg. She’s got terrible, terrible boxing technique. She makes Ben Askren look like Roy Jones Jr

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Vitor vs Wand was the prototype to how a Wild Brawler vs Skilled Boxer would go.

Taylor has 6 finishes in her career. Not much shes going to be able to do to stop the onslaught that Cyborg will unleash on her.

Make it mma gloves and taylor is rip

An immaterial point as it wouldn’t be with MMA gloves. Either way, Cyborg doesn’t get anywhere near Taylor to land a single punch, she has zero boxing ability


Taylor would clown her.