Critque My Diet.

Muscle Milk N' Oats - made with Skim Milk
1 glass water
1 Banana (M,W,Th)

1/2 Protein Bar - Detour Oatmeal

Roast Beef Sandwich - Whole Wheat, Lettuce, and Tomatoe

Gatorade Propel Water
1 Banana (T,F)

or Buffalo Chicken Wrap (Whole Wheat Wrap, Grilled Chicken, and Hot Sauce) - No Cheese.
UnSweetened Iced Tea.


1/2 Protein Bar - Detour Oatmeal

Whatever Meat Mom Makes - Trim Excess Fat
1/2 cup potatoes or yams. or If she makes rice I eat whole wheat toast (1 1/2 slices)

Tomatoe + Cucumber Salad (No Cream, just veggies with some salt and pepper to season.)

:WorkOut: (M = BJJ, W = Boxing, Th= MMA, Sat = Cardio)

Post Work Out:
1 Gatorade Propel Water
1 Protein Bar - MetRx Low Carb High Protein Bar.

take out the lettuce.

On occasion, I'll substitute 4 egg whites 1 egg ommlette made with south western turkey.

and I try to eat grilled or baked. never fried.

try substituting a protien bar for drink 'cos its cheaper and bars are over-rated IMO apart from helping your sweet tooth so you dont cheat.

put some tuna in that salad: protien, omega 3 and taste.


I got a recipe for that: My secret pre-comp. meal

2 pieces chicken Sliced thin.

One Rib Eye.

Season: Brush with olive oil and fresh cracked pepper and sea salt.

Sear chicken strips until cooked.

Cook Rib Eye 4min a side or until med-rare.

Place chicken on top and bottom of rib-eye. Be anabolic.

But seriously, please keep on topic.

Fruit I am not a big fan of. Fructose Too much, plus I have no desire for them.

I know I have to increase my veggie, so I am buying baby carrots to munch on during the day.

I have a shake: ProBlend 55.

I just have to get the portable shaker.

I think I'll try that, but the shakes never give me a feeling of saity (full stomach, like the bars do. I actually feel like I gorged eating one bar.)

Correct It does have sucrose. But It has 2grams per serving. So One bottle 3 servings is 6 grams of Sucrose.

Fruit (Apples. Oranges. Strawberrys. Grapes)
All have more than 2 grams per serving.

Can I "critque" your spelling?

wrong forum imo

Possibly wrong forum, but I know that this one gets a lot of traffic, from alot of people, including english teachers, fighters, homosexuals, instructors, weekend warriors. etc.

Thanks. I appreciate the input I will try to modify my diet. When I get some free time I'll have to sit down and break everything down again to incorporate the suggestions.


In the begnining my goal was to put some mass on, which I have. Right now I weigh about 153lbs, and I have a potential mma fight (my 1st one) August 19th. And for this fight I will need to get down to 145lbs.

What would your suggestion be to get me to trim down to say, 149lbs, so that the 4lbs I can cut with water.


I am a carbphobic most of the times. I try to eat according to the Glycemic index. Limit my sugar intake, and try to keep my fiber intake steady.

Unfortunatly, the whole wheat wrap comes from SaladWorks, which I have no control over.

I will try to increase my vegetable consumption and get a protein shake in there.

Post workout, I use to use Universal Nutritions LAVA. I may go back on that.

I don't mean extreme amounts, but its something that I look at when I read the label.

Thanks. Peetie, I appreciate your insight. I'll take a look at NOW's Carbo Gain.