Cro Cop going to 205

 He is only 226, and he was way smaller than Dos Santos, who was only 236. 205 is where he needs to go, if he wants to be able to compete in the UFC. He is too small, and gets overpowered now. He would be a force at 205, and would be able to match up better.

I like him, but not at heavyweight. 

Anyone else think this is what he needs to do?

Franlin is my fav fighter, but southpaw brazilians are his kryptonite. Oh well, you cant win them all. And yes the last punch was illegal, but he had already lost. So no sense in debating whether it was the back of the head or not. I am one of his biggest fans, but it wasnt meant to be his night. Lets get him next time... WAR ACE

I think CroCop is going to retire or should.

The guy has never cut weight in his life, and he's going to drop 19lbs now?  Not likely.  He's just done.  He may be able to beat a few low level guys in the UFC HW division, or some cans and freakshow in Japan, but he'll never be a top HW again.

NoPlacebo - I think CroCop is going to retire or should.


If he wants to keep fighting he should go to 205. He's too small for the current heavy weights but could take the title at 205 IMO.

The fact that he backed up in a straight line and didn't throw counters or combinations had nothing to do with his size. The dude had like one lateral motion in the whole fight and I'm not sure he even threw a counter while he did it.

He would get smoked at 205 same as heavy.

^ agreed. His loss had nothing to do with size and everything to do with HOW he fought. He was too predictable, going to 205 won't fix that.

 At this point he should just enjoy some ass:

I dont get it with Crocop. I loved him in PRIDE and keep hoping for a re-emergence of that Crocop but the more I see him fight, the more I realize it isnt going to happen.

Is it that he was an over hyped can crusher or was it the sauce? He has near zero aggression and looks lost in the cage.

 I just hope he gets his shit back together. I like watching him fight, and 205 might be the only place he can be competitive.

dropping to 205 wouldn't change anything if he's going to stay gun-shy. I think he should retire.

He needs to rediscovery the right side of his body.

 Size has nothing whatsoever to do with his problems. His standup has been inferior to everyone decent he's fought in the last few years and if all you are is a standup fighter, that's going to be a problem. He has no aggression and is painfully predictable.

He needs to retire or fight cans in Japane. He has lost the fire.

 Well, let me ask you this... Could he be more competitive at 205 if he would stop being so predictable and actually fight to his ablility.

What the fuck did size have to do with getting beaten by Junior? Nothing.

Rematch with Eddie Sanchez imo.

shell of his former self...retire

Crocop just doesn't have that killer instinct anymore, I wish he'd retire.

The National - What the fuck did size have to do with getting beaten by Junior? Nothing.

 You are right, size has nothing to do with MMA. I dont even know why they have weight classes.

I should never tlak about MMA again. I am obviously an idiot for asking questions, or being curious of other peoples opinions.