Cro Cop should really change how

He needs to change the way he approaches his opponent when the fight starts.

I went back and watched some of his fights, and when it starts, he walks towards his opponent like they are going to drink a couple of beers or something...........

Man, he needs to be like Randleman and Vanderlei and Frank Shamrock and some of those fighters that go after the other fighter like he just raped their sister or something............

I agrre Cop will make a comeback.

It's just that IMO, he needs to "tweek" his game a little bit............thats all!

Cro Cop will come back better than ever.

Cro Cop's approach has been incredibly successful. His game is to keep distance. If he rushes in he will be clinched, which is the last thing he wants. Randleman faked him out and landed hard. It happens. I don't think he'll change anything.