crosstraining: bjj or wrestling

What is more important in your guys opinion? Whats better to cross train in if you are already training judo (have already paid for it so not doing judo is nto a option). Crosstraining for future mma matches and also just cross training for the street, which one is better?

You're asking a BJJ forum whether it's better to study BJJ or wrestling?...I wonder what people are going to recommend :)

Here's a pretty standard answer:
Both are good; wrestling for takedowns, BJJ for submissions and the rest. If you can take both, do so. If you can take only one, probably go with BJJ because they will often incorporate wrestling takedowns into their curriculum, while wrestling will only concentrates on wrestling.

bjj, you're already doing judo which for the most part is take down orientated. Like Alex said as well, bjj will incorporate some wrestling style takedowns as well so you'll get a taste of that with more in depth submission work that wrestling won't have at all and judo won't go too far into very often.

Here's a formula for ya:

Search for NO-GI BJJ gyms and wrestling gyms near you. You already get decent gi work from Judo. Pick the gym with the best teacher and reputation.


If you want to do MMA, go to a MMA school. i.e. one where they do MMA sparring on a regular basis.

Which doesn't mean that you have to go to the MMA class right away. These schools usually have separate standup and grappling classes, and you can go to those and once you get the basics down you can start doing MMA.

learn wrestling takedowns and do grappling without the gi just makes sure you do not use judo rules because they will hinder your preformace but judo itself is just as effective as bjj. its all a matter of how you train. so to train in judo is to train in bjj MY VERY YOUNG APPRENTAINCE

Similar but not the same. That's the truth. Sorry. I've tried both. Both are fun. FutureProdigy, just pick the one YOU like the most.

Stop doing point based pyjama grappling and do Jiu Jitsu.

Slothman Dave.

lol dave and pyjama grappling

only reason im contemplating wrestling is because of the takedowns... im not looking to become an amazing amature wrestler

Wrestling is great for the takedowns and the controlling, but if you're looking for the submissions, well...there are none. Dont get me wrong, I am NOT knocking wrestling, but if you're looking to be more well rounded, then I'd look for something that includes some submissions.

Take a look at what your Judo is offering you, and then decide for yourself what would better suit your needs.

Good luck!