Crowd at IFL

LMFAO at the many fans yelling for the ref to stand up Newton and Gracie. Who in their right minds who knows the least bit about mma would want to see a standup battle between Renzo and carlos?

Not me. They should be yelling put them down when they are on the feet.

This is what you get when you do a show in Atlantic City.

^^^^Exactly that is why they had the show in CT

This is what you get when you do a show in CT.


can't wait for the Texa$ show

i actually thought it was a pretty good crowd. not too much booing or screaming, "get a hotel room for that!"

i have been very impressed with the IFL. great crowds. great production. very fan friendly. the only negative was that horrible singer dancer that they had during the intermission.

all that free popcorn didn't hurt either.

I almost forgot about the singer and her sexually ambiguous dancers.

Did Joe L. look enraged on press row?

who won?