Cruickshank vs Makdessi

Excited for this at 158. I like Cruickshank I like his traditional martial arts approach to fighting but has a good wrestling base to go with it Phone Post

Battle of the spinning backfists!

Should be sick!

Jet Black Studios - Battle of the spinning backfists!   vs 

Damn, nice match up!

Cruikshank by violent but beautiful assault. Phone Post

Spinning shit will be thrown Phone Post

That'll be a fun fight. Phone Post

Makdessi by Mak attack! Phone Post

Oh so we're throwing spinning shit now?! Phone Post

This is going to be FIREWORKS. I don't think I'm more excited about any other fight currently announced.

I will have to go with my boy darron..But damn its gonna be a tough fight.

The thing is Cruikshank can take him down at will is assume. Maybe not I missed madessi vs stout. Has his take Down defense improved? Phone Post

I love the way Cruikshank fights. I didn't think he was that good when he was on TUF but man he was impressive in his last fight!

can't wait for this fight.

really looking forward to this one

Was shocked when i saw this wasnt on the main card. should be a great fight

Disappointing Phone Post

Makdessi impressed me a lot.

Was a great fight, loved it