Cruz Garbrandt Fight Study

Maybe you guys have seen this before (maybe one of you made this), but I just watched it and thought it was worth sharing.
Fascinating breakdown of things in the fight that I was otherwise unaware of. Really good and informative video.

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Pretty cool


at least say BJJ scout breakdown as its what he does and more should look at his breakdowns

Pretty good.... I think he's overgeneralizing a couple of points but for the most part it was pretty accurate

BJJ Scout is the bollocks. Good share, OP. 

Carson's Corner radio show - 

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One thing that I didn't notice was that Cody was taunting him immediately after avoiding Cruz's traps. That says a lot about his fight IQ. He wasn't just gloating about the shots that he avoided, but even about the shots that he knew he was avoiding before they even had a chance to be thrown.
Very insightful analysis for a newbie like me.

Cody must have studied the hell out of Cruz footage. He couldn't have been any better prepared and composed.

Love these. Really shows how little I know about the technical side of striking. Its quite refreshing seeing it while its explained to you

Great vid. Thanks!

Taco muncher - Cody must have studied the hell out of Cruz footage. He couldn"t have been any better prepared and composed.

.... probably more like he practiced against it over and over again… They've been emulating Cruz for a while and if you watch Castillo move around he does a very good Cruz because he's had to mimic it five other times, for months at a time


footage is very helpful but nothing beats real life movement and practice and for familiarizing  yourself with his six standard set up's/entries


if you look at some of the embedded video Castille moves very well as a Dom and in my opinion that is where Cody would gain a sizable advantage in the day in/day out movement, drilling, and sparring

the thing is if cody did it, why didn't faber? pride?, athletism?, too old?, reactions time?. im genuinely asking, not shitting on faber.

Wow that was great.  Very cool in how this sheds light on how important movement was going to factor into this specific matchup, and by contrast, just how lacking in that fight knowledge that some fighters are.


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Bump cause this shit is awesome

Lot of credit should go to Cody's uncle, his real striking coach.