Cyprus Top Team!!! Let's pull for our boy in his upcoming battle against Rivera!!!

Born Michael Gavin Joseph Bisping
February 28, 1979 (1979-02-28) (age 31)
Republic of Cyprus, Cyprus

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Aeì koloiòs parà koloiôi hizánei!!!


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Next week will be the start of our CTT Podcast! First episode features a detailed comparison of Michael Bisping and Pygmalion himself!!

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Oh, and just a preview of the podcast... that statue Pygmalion fell in love with... yeah... we've got evidence that it was a carving of The Discount himself!!! Pygmalion knew waaaaaay back that Cyprus was bound for greatness!! And he was right!!!



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Se gnoriso apo tin kopsi,
Tou spathiou tin tromeri,
Se gnoriso apo tin opsi,
Pou me via metra tin yi.
Ap' ta kokala vialmeni,
Ton Ellinon ta iera,
Ke san prota andriomeni,
Haire, o haire, Eleftheria!

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can't wait to see what other MMA prospects, aside from Michael "The Pride Of Cyprus" Bisping that this great island produces


LOL. A pretty sad state of affairs, chaps.