custom mouthguard question

I think there was a thread on here a couple of months back
about a custom mouthguard.
Can anyone recommend a mouthguard that allows you to
breathe and talk? Spending the money isn't a great concern.

I don't WANT to pay $50+ for a mouthguard, but I look at like
this: $50 now or hundreds (the pain is free) later when my
tooth gets knocked out?

This boil n' bite crap is old and the more I read about 'em, the
more I'm convinced they're better than nothing, but still not
too great.

The new Shockdoctors ($20-10) are very good. They make a semi-custom fit but they have more technology than a dental one that is just a perfect mold of your teeth. If you are striking I think you should check them out. It just wrestlling/grappling you could go with a cheaper one.

i went to my orthodontist for mine. i think paid around $30.

Go the pro, like Katsumoto. It's not that expensive and you can sleep at night knowing your teeth are being protected.

ttt custom mouth guard. I think they run about 50 bux. My training partner got one and he loves it. Im sticking to my double though.

I went with the "Bite Me" mouth guard... best $65.00 I ever spent! I went to my local dental HMO...and it was gonna cost me $250!


Thanks for the responses, guys.
I'll check 'em out.

yeah check out Bite ME mouth guards. Trust me you wont be disapointed.

Any one that totally prevents getting teeth knocked out?

Abe- I dont know about "totally prevent" cause stuff happens and what not, but Ive used other mouth pieces and theirs are the best. They dont shift when Im training. I can breath AND talk when I have them on. I havent had a problem with them yet and Ive had them for close to a year.

BITE ME mouthgaurds are the best! Tell them Mo sent u

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Shit....the sure sponsored me for $65.00...

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