Cutting vs natural

Frankie edger is the prime example of natural weight and success. Anyone familiar with JRE will know that rogan has said their are advantages to cutting if done the right way eg Anderson. Anderson is also a good example of natural weight at 205 (little cut) he has decimated the comp at 205 so does it really matter? travis lutter is the example rogan always uses as a reason to not cut weight.
What are your thoughts? Same day weigh ins? Weigh ins throughout the camp within a certain weight range (5 pounds say)? Other solutions? Or if your happy the way it is? Phone Post 3.0

With the way weight cutting is now perfected almost to an absolute science for some, the gap from the wrestlers and the rest has been shrinking somewhat.

The gap is still kinda prevelant in the higher weight classes where you can truly tell where one fighter should be in a different weight class or perhaps even create a new weight class between 205 and 265.

To not completely get rid of everything that is already in place, i would like to see this:
1) Every fighter steps across the scale before the fight a 2nd time right before they actually fight.
2) If they weigh more than say 5lbs outside their weightclass (ex.185lb div. but come fight night they weigh 191lbs) then they have to forfeit a sum of their purse.
3) If it is a title fight, then same as above except title would not change hands and pressure/actions from the org would be placed on said fighter.

I think this would put more fighters on a level playing field in hopes of not seeing the extreme weight/size differences in certain cases. Phone Post

It worked for Frankie because he's an incredible wrestler who doesnt have to worry about being layed on/controlled. The only time he was controlled was against Gray in their first fight. Even he eventually had to move down though.

It works for Anderson because the skill gap between him and most fighters is huge. At one point it worked for BJ for the same reason. Even prime BJ would have a tough time with middle of the pack welterweights these days. The days of fighting at your walk around weight or above are done at the highest level. Maybe things would be different if people actually had to fight but with mma rules these days controlling your opponent seems to be favored over damage. 



I like the idea of weighing the same, as some people have problems cutting massive weight... But it's the nature of the beast. Phone Post

^ agreed

But you'll always have the rumbles, jbj's and thibeaus that can cut SO FUCKING can seem unfair.

Also, the more dehydrated you are, the smaller your brain gets... Allowing it to bounce around. Phone Post

I say leave it as it is, just re-weigh the fighters on fight night and add their fight night weight to the tale of the tape.

HBO does this with boxing and it's always interesting to see who barley goes up in weight and who adds 15+ pounds.