Cutting Weight

What is the main premise behind a fighters weight cutting strategy? Say a guy is fighting at 170lbs but he weighs 195lbs. I would assume that the weeks leading up to the fight he is workingout hard, but also eating pretty normally, right? How long before the fight does a fighter typically go into "cut water weight" mode, and how long does that time period usually last? During that period, is it really a matter of not being able to eat or drink anything until you make the weight? Back in my wrestling days I was never really WAY overweight, so it is kind of hard for me to grasp a guy cutting 15-25 pounds in a matter of days.

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195 to 170 isnt bad actually. it is just barely over 5%. the basics will help that guy make weight-- nothing fancy. reduce/eliminate carbs at night, reduce/eliminate sugary drinks. go for a few extra, easy, long-distance runs 2-3 times a week.

no need to cut out water intake until the last 24 hours before weigh-ins. and, at that it should only be to shed about 5-7 pounds so long as somebody is serious about the stuff above.

"195 to 170 isnt bad actually."

Surely in those 25lbs of weight loss fat is to be targeted beforehand?

"no need to cut out water intake until the last 24 hours before weigh-ins"

So, a fighter typically cuts his water weight about 1 day before weigh-ins?

yup. there was a good thread about this a couple of days ago that answered pretty much all of your questions. maybe a bluenamer will be nice a "ttt" it for you.