Cya later RG

 Off to Sin City then to the Burgh to watch the Steelers play the Vikings.  I'll try to take pictures of the Who  Ers I run into along the way.

Safe Trip!

If your from the OG/UG lurking

DC will be the local boy with jeans and slippahs.


thats one thing ive never done is wear long pants with slippers.mostly because my long pants never fit right without hemming so i required shoes to keep them from encompassing my feet.

You bastage! Here we go Stillers, here we go.

enjoy youself, stay out of troublez, PICS pleeze!

DC don't let your Blue name go to waste

 Moar like don't stay out of trouble! Not saying I want DC to be arrested, but it would be rad if he came back with a mugshot that can only rival that of Beau Taylor. 

 Watch for the amber alerts

Thank you sir!

10 points for proper use of the real name here: "RG"!!


going to be a good game against vikings.


 He is already in Vegas, but i will drop these here to see if i can catch him me some wabbit.

drops line in watah

hey look, it's the fat funny girl, the life of the party!

LOL Looks like pittsburgh has the best fans

I didn't know the Steelers have a girl playing for them.

SubdudePsyche -  



Not the double finger guns in the 4XL shirt...