Cyborg calls out Ronda (again)

If a blue woud be so kind

Post what?!

Illidan - If a blue woud be so kind


Epic fail Phone Post 3.0

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lol my bad

be sure to put < before script

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Fuccccckkkkk offffffffffffffff Phone Post 3.0

That dude needs to shut his mouth Phone Post

i don't really think it's her fault that she talks that much about ronda. its the press, the mma news in general that asks her and treats her like she is already an ufc champion.

you even heard it from this interviewer "....everybodys asking you in brazil about..."

Bring women's fighting into the picture and you get this. You white knights asked for it Phone Post 3.0

sigh, interviewers need to give up asking the question and Cyroid needs to quit ever even bringing up Ronda. She is not in the UFC so the fight is not happening, period. And calling out people when you are not even in the org is one of the dumbest things a fighter can do.

Who cares......She made some bad choices that messed things up.....She needs to focus on winning a few fights against top fighters at her weight.......The fight will come with better choices......

Why aren't they asking her about her current match up? This is arguably just as big of a fight as the Ronda match up. Marloes is a beast and one of the pioneers of WMMA.

If she gets past Marloes then they should start talking about Ronda. Without the steroids who knows if she will even win. Phone Post


so sick of cyborg

She would wax Ronda's ace Phone Post 3.0