Cyborg calls Rousey more dangerous than Harrison

Is Cyborg right on her Rousey vs Harrison assessment?

P4P WMMA Champ at talking about a bunch of shit that never pans out and calling out fighters that she actively ducks.


Cyborg is a steroid freak. Who cares what she says or thinks. She has zero knockouts in my book. All tkos, she’s never slept a girl like Nunez has.

Harrison has been gnping girls a lot huh?

She may have a point about subs. Rhonda had a lightning fast transition to armbar that helped a ton in mma.

Is this the same Cyborg that was taken down by Yana Kunitskaya?

Almost as fast as Cyborg’s transition to unconsciousness when she fights someone good like Nunes.


ronda faced and beat better competition; kayla hasnt beaten anyone w/real athletic ability or strength, ronda at least faced girls w/athleticism size experience and skill.

bethe correia is lightyears better than anyone kayla has ever faced in her life…

honestly cyborg holm nunes beats kayla right now, cat zingano wld be a very tough fight for kayla

You are talking about Honda ducking, right?

There was a lot of ducking on both sides at different points in that one.

Cyborg has ducked others, like Nunes. Leaving the UFC and then chirping for a rematch knowing it wouldn’t happen.