Cyborg joins Chute Boxe

Damn, talk about unexpected. According to Tatame, Cyborg is now a member of Chute Boxe.

I can see this guy becoming the next Vanderlei.

I don't think he's just a wannabe.
Have you seen his fights?
He has a great stand up and is one of the most aggressive fighters I have ever seen.

Whoa, that's odd considering that he beat one of their guys and got beat by Shogun.

who is cyborg

This is awesome. He should be a great addition to Chute Boxe.

He could be the next Vanderlei (not just because they look alike). Like Vanderlei, he started off as a super tough aggressive brawler. With Chute Boxe, he can go to the next level.

Cool. Mauricio, how much press is NHB given in the media in Brasil?

PressurePoint, not much bro.
We have 1 PPV channel that is just for MMA, and a couple of magazines. Once in a while a major newspaper or magazine will do an article about Wand or Mino, but that´s pretty much it.
Other than that, I read Tatame and Portal do Vale Tudo websites.

"who is cyborg"

Evangelista "Cyborg" Santos. Mecca and Pancrase veteran.

I have some of his vale tudo fights he will do good at Chute Boxe