Cyborg or Demian Maia in a dark alley?

scary pock-marked standup demon who almost put away melvin manhoef toe to toe or the guy that could put you to sleep and curb stomp you?

For sex or fighting?

surprise sex may follow the fighting.....

Cyborg looks like the type of person that would sell you something that's laced. Maia's mustache however makes him seem questionable.

Maia does look like a child molester. good thing i've hit puberty

 maia would just choke me out at worst. odds are in reality he would say hi and thats all.

cyborg looks like a murderer

Manborg, superdim.... if you can't take cris cyborg on the street long enough to get help.... you'd better run away.

superbright - cyborg looks like the kind of a woman who would sit on your face and force you to eat her asshole

So you're picking Cyborg?

Cyborg. I hear Brazillians are freaky. And oh yes, I'd get freaky.

i could beat cyborg but not maia

I think he's talking about the male cyborg.

in that case i dont think it matters

I was expecting at least one romoshop. This threads fails.