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pepster - I am a big Fedor fan and also Russian. I would not be surprised in the least knowing Russian humor, if Fedor, his coaches, even Vadim and M1 think Jerry is a dumbass and crack on him all the time. The thing is he has been around Pride and does have his connections in the US. You cannot deny that. Plus it has really very little to do with Fedor. Gary is on the business side of things, Fedor fights.

Personally, I think the guys is a total tool and douchebag.

 yes.. when you are a 40 year old man who has to tint and put hairspray n stuff in your hair... you are a douche... just goes without saying... good to know russians have a fine sense of humor.

i think judging a guy by his hairstyle, hell even recognizing it, is more douchey, and MUCH more gay.

Millen is a chode, but you're a secret homo

 being a hater just means you're out n proud....homo


A respected forum member, who shall remain nameless, bare handled his balls and then immediately shook Millen's hand at a recent M-1 event. True story.

(I do not condone this behavior, though I do laugh at it)

I got Dana at -500 if anyone wants action on this fight.

 You know how hard it is to find a pic of this douche without a microphone in front of his face?!!

no one wants a piece of BLAF