D.Siver vs Matt.W -My Scoring

Round 1
The first two minutes of this bout is Siver controlling the stand up. Wiman was very nervous and I think he was a little lost. Siver landed really good leg kicks, which I think caused Wiman to go right into the takedown attempts, which Siver did a remarkable job in stuffing. I was impressived with Siver with this control. He continued to control the fight until the final 30 seconds where Wiman was finally able to score a takedown and control top postion
10-9 Siver for controllin the fight and having a better offense than anything Wiman dished out
Round 2
From the get go, Wiman tries to attempt a takedown, and this is the story for the first 2 minutes. Siver tries to break up the clinch against the cage, but Wiman is using a death grip. Honestly I was surprised the ref did not split them up at all. After a scramble, Wiman gets the top position in Sivers guard. The followin 3 minutes is complete control for Wiman. Siver looked very lost off his back, and every attempt to escape was met with vicious GnP. He even got a cut on Siver and he hit some effect GnP. This was Sonnen vs Silva style round, and I think it deserved a dominant score
10-8 going to Wiman. He controlled this entire round, even controllin on the cage counts for something. May not be entertaining, but props for not letting Siver get one ounce of offense.

Round 3
This round could of gone either way! Siver was able to recreate some of the round 1 momentum by pushing the pace on stand up. After some sprawling, this changes in a slight way. Wiman is the one who really starts to push Siver around. He mixes the threat of grappling with strikes, causing Siver to back up. This slight change in the pace quickly goes into a takedown attempt, which Ibelieve cost Wiman. Siver was able to maintain the dominate sprawl position, then used Wiman's guillotine attempt to stand up. This leads to another takedown, but Siver sweeps, then knocks Wiman off his feet with a leg kick. The round ends with another quick scramble going towards Siver's favor.
10-9 Siver for controlling this round by a slight degree.

28-28 Draw

Great fight! I think the third round could of gone either way, but Siver did a little bit more. I was impressived with both of their heart and sticking to their gameplans. With all the draws getting a negative reaction, I am not suprised the judges do not hand out more 10-8s.<br /><br />EDIT: Upon thinking about it [and getting critized for it] 10- 8 for Rd 2 was/is a bad call. I did not take in to consideration that defense is score worthy whenI was looking for offense alone going into that round. 29-28 Siver

You forgot to mention how Siver also took Wiman down in round one.

Oh and lol @ 10-8 rd 2.

Okay 10-8 was a little stupid on my part, I agree after thinking about it. Main reason I gave that is because I just saw no offense from Siver. I did something I dont agree with, not counting defense as scoring aswell. So pretty much a 29-28 Siver

EPGScott - I was shocked that 3 judges had it 29-28 Siver

I was shocked also. It is very rare that 3 judges will correctly score a "close" fight.

Thought Siver had rounds 1 and 3. Wiman had a dominant round 2, but don't think it warranted 10-8. 29-28 seemed to be the correct score