DakotaFC September 25th

Dakota Fighting Championships is looking for Amateur fighters for our next show Sept. 25th in Fargo ND. Check out our web page which is currently under construction at www.DakotaFC.com .

We can be contacted by email at DakotaFC@msn.com or by phone at 701-793-4984.

Anyone on the card yet?

Just a Norwegian named Germund or something against Mirko Cro crop, why do you ask?

Just kidding of course, looking for some new fighters to introduce to Fargo. You are coming back, right Germund?

Yes, and I will be ready for that one.

I will be fighting Mirko Cro crop at least in is not Mirko CroCop, I heard Cro crop is not as good.

Not sure about BJJ, but I know there are a couple (at least) doing mma. Bruce has his gym and then those other guys that allways fights on these cards around that area.

There are no real BJJ schools here, as far as the market I think one would go over well if the price was right.  There are quite a few fighters training in town mostly at the colleges or in garages. We have a club where we train for MMA but its hard to get people to keep showing up unless they are training for a fight.