Dalpra vs Galvo | Future kings of Jiu-Jitsu square off this weekend @ EUG

Crazy gi event going down this weekend featuring a 1st round super fight with Tainan Dalpra vs Mica Galvao!!Best Gi lineup I’ve seen in a long time with EUG going down June 12th …the post has a bunch of video attached and after watching it I’m going to go with Dalpra even though we haven’t seen Mica take any losses in the recently if at all. Stacked division even outside of these two but this is what you call dream 1st round match-up so the only one i broke got into

at this point, Dalpra has too much experience at black belt in the gi and will outdo Micael in the gi. However, I feel Micael would take out Dalpra in no-gi, under any ruleset

hmm maybe but thats for another day… this weekend we have a killer stacked event… Will the AOJ guys close it out again? Alvez may have taken some damage vs taza the other day lets see how hes moving

This is one of the most exciting matches you could put together today. Two future legends both becoming legit stars.

Tainan takes it now and in the near future, but once Mica gets more experience on the big stage the sky will be the limit. I can’t fucking wait to see this match.

The Third Coast event with Roberto, Pat Downey and Mica will be amazing as well. Roberto handles Mica and Downey.