Daly was going to knock Shields out

 The truth.

New Orleans was going to be a nice dry place for a vacation


Coulda, shoulda, woulda...

Jake knew exactly what to expect and won just like he said he would...

Congrats to him!

 After he got his arm broken?

^^u gotta admit Shields was getting eaten alive standing..SHields is so overrated on here....he is like Lutter, great bjj but thats about it..very slow standing and on the ground, has no power or snapo in his punches, has piss poor cardio etc etc...

Shields didn't look overly impressive. However, with a ground ganme like Daly's, he might try boxing...

Daley should have taken some BJJ classes while he was retired.

Lol@saying Daley's ju jitsu was bad. Shields is just very very good on the ground, that was an impressive armbar. Was he getting beaten standing? Yes most certainly and he might well have got knocked out but he caught Paul in a sub and thats all there is too it.

I hope they fight again down the line.

 i actually thought jake was lookin beat on his feet

 "u gotta admit Shields was getting eaten alive standing."

He sucks standing and even so he took nothing serious. Who cares? No one thought he would do well on the feet. He won in the second round and I think he could have won in the first if he didn't specifically want to win by TKO.