Damnit barry leave colorado already

We all been saying for a month this was going to happen, and the reason I said it is not cause barry is a bad fighter or anything, but cause he has no good sparring partners or coaches for this level.

I thought he would have realized that after the half empty high school gym fight were he was losing every second up until the ko.

Barry, get your ass back to Holland with hoost, carbin, hell anybody. Just leave Colorado and Whitman

No but where he's at it isn't helping him prevent it either.

It seems arlovski has too. Phone Post 3.0

Good chin or not. He is getting hit by heavyweights. Phone Post 3.0

mmamozza - Good chin or not. He is getting hit by heavyweights. Phone Post 3.0
Agreed. His chin hasnt been a factor, last night he got hit with a nuke. Phone Post 3.0

He needs to be at AKA w/good, big guys Phone Post 3.0

I feel bad for him. I hope he will find success or that he will stop before he gets too much damage done, it cant be healthy for getting ko'd so often. I love Barry but I am worried about his health. But if he will continue fighting, I really wish he can get a win, sad to see him get knocked out.

NakedCowboyOnMyRear - 

you can't train a chin back

Like they said last night... You don't want to be known for having a good chin. 

Plus he was really done after that first knockdown it was just a matter of time since he was on rubber legs it was just a matter of time Phone Post 3.0

Pat if you're reading this thread, you're a hell of a fighter and a hell of a man. You have my support no matter what you do.

You're the tits. Phone Post 3.0

He has my support too just hope he can work on his defense so he doesn't take so many clean shots Phone Post 3.0