Damon "The Dog" Perry

I was watching the middleweight gp final conflict and just thought that he actually did a really good job. He improved alot in the space of one event, he seemed to have good banter with bas and really was starting to get into his groove. He seemed to give everyone time to speak and gave Bas room to move.

He did make some mistakes (in the yoshida silva match) but with only 2 events under his belt its forgivable.

I thought in the second part of the Gp he did a really good job but ths new guy is awful, he makes me cringe, he has a really cheesy voice and is really corny.

Bring back perry or quadros, the new guy is awful

TTT for the return of the Fight Professor!

Dangermouse is correct.

More like Damon "The DONG" Perry. Bring back Quadros.

bryanand has soccer kicked the correct.

Osbourne is a great straight man, but too straight for Bas IMO. I think Bas needs another joker to go off.

Jeff sure knows his game though.

BTW, Rogan, if you read this - I've been impressed by the way you've been improving your commentating, and just wanted to give you props for it.

I know don't believe everything that you read on the internet, but this is something that I found on MatFighting.com...

Accourding to sources Jeff was called today (April 29th, 2004) and asked to join with DSE and Pride to become one of the newest announcers. As alot of you know they have been blowing threw some of their announcers but personally I think they couldnt ask for a person with more knowledge and passion for this sport than Jeff. Congratulations Jeff you lucky bastard!

i'm jsut watching final conflict now and its awesome, everything is perfect

If Jeff is added he will be the third man .

I was very sad when Pride fired Sifu Q , but I got to hand it to this new guy , he is the best guy Pride has had yet.

Mauro Ranollo by KO !!

Also Mauro was suggested to pride by Bas , whom he worked with on some kickboxing event in Canada

thats strange, he seems to be really awkward with bas