Dan Gable vs. Cael Sanderson

Same age & Size, who wins. (wrestling match or mma)

Dan Gable -
On the mat, he had an amazing run through high school and college, compiling a combined 182-1 record. Also, Olympic Gold Medalist.

Cael Sanderson -
College record of 159-0, Olympic Gold Medalist.

Gable wins

A motivated Gable is impossible to beat. Gable is motivated 99.99% of the time. That being said, Gable unless he is caught in a very infrequent off day.

Any guy who goes out on the mat and envisions the person who raped and killed his sister across from him is not a person I want to wrestle.


I thought it was gable that stated this. Maybe it was John Smith. I think it is one of these guys once stated that his sister was raped and killed or maybe just raped and beaten. Regardless he looked at the guy on the other side of the mat and pictured that person as the the attacker. That was his motivation for winning and destroying his opponent.

Something like that at least.

Well then if you have never heard of it then it certainly can't be true. I stand corrected (end sarcasm now).

Gable has been quoted as saying that his sisters rape and murder was used to fuel his competitive fires....kind of like batman

If you read A Season On The Mat with Gable, he talks about his sister being killed when she was a teenager. I can't remember if he said he visualized his opponent as the killer or not...but Rory could be right.


"is cael part of team quest? does he fight nhb?"

That is Chael Sonnen not Cael Sanderson

"A motivated Gable is impossible to beat."

While some dude did manage to PIN a motivated Gable, I agree that his hateful aggression is next to unstoppable.

gable is supremely motivated, this much is very true.

all the same.. i go with cael. dont know why, i just think he could pull it off.

"While some dude did manage to PIN a motivated Gable, I agree that his hateful aggression is next to unstoppable."

What guy pinned Gable?

Gable was never pinned. He was defeated in the National; Finals as a senior in college by a sophomore from Washington State named Larry Owings. Owings never won the Nationals again.

Gables sister, Dianna I believe, was raped and murdered in their home. He said that he took the rage and anger and turned it inside and used it to motivate him to train. He said that he would work through pain because he knew it was nothing compared to what she endured.

If you are truly interested, then get a hold of the video known as "Dan Gable: Competitor Supreme". This is a great vid to watch.


To the best of my knowledge, Gable lost 5 times in his life. Never got pinned. He has been quoted as saying "I would rather hurt you in the first 5 seconds than wrestle you for 5 minutes." I don't know if he invisions the man who raped and murdered his sister when he wrestles. However, it has been rumored that he has conversations with his sister prior to his matchs. He has pretty much admitted that he still talks to her. He is pretty much nuts, but seems like an all around good guy and was a hell of a wrestler. Arguably the best ever.


but what about gable vs. a team of lilliputian

I have heard the rumor he envisioned his opponenent as his sisters killer but cant verify that for sure.Gable was without doubt the most motivated person Ive ever heard of

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