Dan Hardy interviews Mike Perry (full vid)


Gotta admit, this interview with Perry was exceptional. Comes off much more cerebral than before. If you don't look at his stupid hat and facial tattoos, Perry comes off like a moderately bright and we'll reasoned young man. He's fighting style is money tho. He may never hold a belt but he's like the new, hoodish version of Cowboy Cerrone. Perry will stand and bang with anyone. Respect homie.

Perry has made me a fan. I love his fighting style and he is like a bootleg version of the Diaz brothers with his interviews haha.

I think he understands that he has to play up that crazy Floridian attitude to get people to notice him.  He knows how to handle a camera and is not affraid to stand and bang.  As long as he keeps improving, he can be a superstar in the ufc