Dan Hardy says a boxing bout against Tryon Woodley is agreed to, but Woodley hasn't signed the deal yet

Does Hardy vs Woodley in boxing appeal to you?

I wish Hardy would go the fuck away. Least worthy title challenger of all time. Lost 4 in a row and still didn’t get cut because British fans needed “welfare” to keep most of their guys in the ufc at that time.


Woodley probably realized hes filthy rich.Instead of throwing punches.id be throwing back a cold one…I hope he’s smart with that money and enjoys his new income bracket…

People doesnt give a single fuk about hardy, lmoa why he should sign it

Why is dan hardy always having issues with black dudes… hmm…

Because he’s the red rooster
wrestlemania v wrestling GIF by WWE

I’ve been waiting for YEARS to finally see Hardy back, especially in the boxing ring!

Just kidding.

Won’t even try streaming this one let alone buying it. Maybe I’ll read the results the next day, but probably not.

Dude is desperate as hell…go fight Diego bro

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There’s already a thread about this, burgos.

Let’s not go there because I met people from the UK and other parts of the world… racism only exists in America everywhere else people are equal other than certain parts of Europe of course… Dan Hardy is just looking for a way to revive his career