Dan Quinn calls out Mayhem for plagiarism + theft!

Literally stunning new interview with the great Dan Quinn where he makes a serious charge of plagiarism against Mayhem Miller + accuses him of stealing the idea for "Bully Beatdown."

Amazing interview. You need to hear this because Dan is at his all time best.

Will Mayhem respond to Dan? Dan can make it to 185 Mayhem are you down to settle this in Gladiator challenge? DONT be Scared Homie!

MP3 download link

He just put out a "casting call" for either a cancerous cat or human in the "New Jersey/New York" area, so he can cure it.

Now he is calling for, exact words, a "female pussy" in the "Southern Cal" area for a porn

Says Bob Carson is like a fat che guevara - lol

"I feel like I'm literally bursting out of my skin because no one is listening to me"

"I'm not trying to sound like Hitler, dog, but there's a lot of kids out there who need homes" WTF?

"Mario in NorCal Sex Chat is a brother who is 6'7" and is a stud. We would have got along well in real life. I got along better with the blacks at Notre Dame. I was called a brother trapped in white skin. I'm trapped in a family, I'm a slave to money."

Now he's calling for Joe Rogan to set up a football game between football players and cage fighters, but to let them fight it out if they get into it so America will see what pussies football players are.

Now he's trying to say that Diego Sanchez is gay. He said that some chick "threw her pussy at" Diego and Diego reacted in a way that was the way homosexuals would.

"Guy Mezger approached me about a water company." -- He just said that and moved on

Hagon calls out Dan quinn

Should I snort the whole pound of stevia? Thats like a half oz a day!!

brotha that was shortly before dan realized the penis could get bigger give him a break! lol. ttt

TUF should have been Mayhem vs Dan, Bisping did you steal Dan's spot?

Ttt Phone Post

TTT for Dan vs Bisping

what's DQ's current youtube account?

chroniccomics5 - what's DQ's current youtube account?

 It was www.youtube.com/steviaquinn up until about a week or 2 ago when he closed the account.  Apparently he got some backlash from his "fans" so he closed it. 

DSaint - Was Bully Beatdown even Mayhem's idea? 

 Quinn claims that Mayhem stole it from him.


I think we'd all be a lot more enthusiastic about Quinn's act if he wasn't so stuck on the "badass victim" schtick.

It's the kind of pogo-stick crucifixion game drug addicts at that level can't seem to break out of: "I'm an incredible badass at everything; too bad I'm getting fucked over by forces beyond my control every step of the way."

On the other hand an impossible Sisyphus struggle is exactly what's necessary for the kind of theater Dan acts out.

I wish I could reduce Dan's face to a skull. It would be so much easier to process what he's doing. Instead there's the face of a cursed baby, wounded and screeching and flailing, spiraling through the universe, abandoned and all alone. It's enough to kill your heart.

But then you realize that the responsible thing to do is treat him like an adult. You draw back into yourself and understand that his hell is a schtick made entirely of self absorption and a refusal to grow.

LOL at the post above. WP is one of our best forum members.

Craze Quinn fan "Steve Stevia" is rumored to be the culprit for deleting dan's YT account. He seems to have a Single White Female type thing going on.