dan severn a 3rd degree bjj black?

i was at bench america this weekend in chicago, and dan was there with a booth. he did a demo which consisted of throwing a grappling dummy around for about five minutes. when they were reading all his credentials to the crowd they said he was a 3rd degree black in bjj, judo, and sambo. my questions was that if dan knew zero bjj at ufc 4, it is highly unlikey that he could be a third degree by now. sounds like hype. can anyone shed light on this? I did talk with him though and he was very nice and encouraging.

you didnt know? He has one of the best guards in the game.

Did it really say *Brazilian* Ju-Juitsu or just Ju-Juitsu. He's been claiming to be a Ju-Juitsu black belt as long as I can remember(they even mentioned that in UWFi), so that's nothing new. Considering I don't think they have many competitions and I'm sure his takedowns and pins would really help him in Japanese Ju-Juitsu, that's probably legit...much like his Sambo black.

my apologies, they did not say bjj, it was jiu-jitsu. sorry for the inaccurate info. but it did clear up my question. thank you.

he worked over conan on the ground, who is a bjj BB