Dan Severn's Hall of Fame Grappling DVD is out!

 Dan Severn IS old-school.

We just wrapped up the very best of his instructional material into one Deluxe 2-disc set (the pummeling instruction is worth it alone!) Here's a preview:

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 Looks good. Severn is no joke.

Sweet, I remember back in the day he submitted me by digging his chin between my shoulder and chest.


TTT for The Beast!!!!!

Fought on a card with him in Ireland. He is a super nice guy. Hope the DVDs do well.


 Severn came along with one of his fighters for a local fight.  Our savvy gym owner set up a seminar for the next day with him.  Super nice guy with an incredible amount of grappling/fighting knowlege.  The guy has literally thousands of ways to hurt you...maybe not to the point of submitting, but making your life so uncomfortable that you'd give up something.

 Met the Beast a couple of times, super fan friendly and all round nice guy.

class act all the way

 Dan "I throw fights and rip off fans" Severn?  My comments are not bashing a fighter and do not violate forum rules as I can verify the statements.  As fans and followers of MMA you really should not support a guy like Severn.  He has stolen from promoters and fans more than once.  Supporting Severn is the same as supporting swindlers like the Jamie Levine's of the world.  He is a knowledgable guy and a nice guy.  But he is also a guy who throws fights and has done it multiple times.  Think about what you are supporting.

 When you support guys like Severn you are making things like this ok.



IFC     Vs.     Severn & Levi     Vs.     Fulton

On Saturday June 30th, 2001 Dan Severn faced off against Travis Fulton in World Extreme Cage Fighting's inaugural event at The Palace Casino in Lemoore, CA. When the match was over, it went to the judges, who awarded the unanimous decision to Severn. After the match, controversy reared its ugly head, with allegations of a worked match, personal vendettas and more began to be tossed around. Here are statements from the IFC, Becky Levi & Dan Severn and Travis Fulton on the matter...

Press release from the IFC:

IFC Suspends Fighters

The IFC has suspended Travis Fulton and Dan Severn from fighting in any IFC events until further notice. Also, Ms. Becki [sp] Levi who functions as manager and second to Dan Severn has been suspended from further representation of fighters until further notice. The suspensions are effective immediately.

The suspensions are the result of an apparent violation of IFC rules about predetermining the outcome of a fight. During the fight between Severn and Fulton on June 30th, it became apparent to referee Mason White that Travis Fulton was holding back from punching Dan Severn when Fulton had Severn in a full mount. Upon questioning following the fight, Fulton disclosed that prior to the fight Becki [sp] Levi approached him on behalf of Dan Severn. At that meeting, Levi told Fulton that they don't want this fight unless they get paid more money, Fulton claims that Levi said to go easy and guarantee Severn the victory or they would not fight. Fulton accepted.

Scott Adams, President of World Extreme Cagefighting, LLC, the promoters of the event, expressed his concern, "I spent hundreds of hours to ensure that I would have highly competitive matches. This is very important to me, for I intend to promote many future cards. The rules were given to and explained to each and every competitor. I condemn any type of prearranged outcome matches. I also condemn any alteration of rules at a sanctioned event without the pre-match approval of the sanctioning body. This is an insult to the fans and an embarrassment to each and every one of us in this great sport. I cannot begin to tell you how disappointed I am. I would never cheapen my love of the martial arts or dishonor my Bushido by ever knowingly staging a dishonest bout."

Paul Smith IFC Commissioner Paul Smith [pictured at right] states, " We are withholding our final determination until Mr. Severn and Ms. Levi have the opportunity to respond. However, I will say that the IFC's position on fixing fights is a strong one. As a young sport we cannot afford to have the sort of activity that appeared to have occurred here take place. We have fought too long and too hard to have Mixed Martial Arts recognized as a legitimate sport. This type of activity taints all of us."

Under IFC guidelines the fight could be called a "no contest" and the participants fined and suspended for up to a year for a first offense.

The IFC will make the video of the event, available to all concerned parties including State Athletic Commissions, with a complete copy of all statements from the investigation.

 He has also worked fights with Shannon Ritch and others.  Feel free to research it further to see what a great guy he really is.  Severn may be nice, but he is also a dishonest crook.

 Congratulations on your raging hard on, Pun.


there is always something negative on the side in referennce to anyone...its human nature. individuals will weigh the benefits of shunning them or patronizing them.

if everyone went by this rule of thumb NOONE would be in business.

Keep making excuses for him.  I made my point.  There are plenty of other people to support who have instructionals and aren't crooked.  I am just helping new fans make educated decisions.  You don't see me bashing fighters or putting them down.  Only crooks.

supersaiyan - lol

there is always something negative on the side in referennce to anyone...its human nature. individuals will weigh the benefits of shunning them or patronizing them.

if everyone went by this rule of thumb NOONE would be in business.

 Could be one of the poorest excuses I have seen on the forum.  Did anyone make Severn cheat multiple times?  It is a good rule of thumb to not support crooks.  Don't try to say everyone is steals and it is ok.  Dan was aware he was ripping off the fans and he made the decision to do so.  Let's not make the man a saint

ok i am going to wait for BIG PUN dvds then.

U mean Big Puns dvds?? not sure i am waiting for hs response as well

I support the Beast.

IIRC Travis said he didn't punch because his hand was broken, and his comments were taken out of context. It was basically a grappling match because they decided on not really striking. But it's been awhile.

Also, who would work a match with Shannon Ritch???

No offense to Severn, but what on earth could he have to contribute to modern grappling?

Money is better spent on Saulo's no-gi set, Marcelo's 3 no-gi sets, or even Sperry's Submission Grappling series.