Dan Swift vs Kenny Savercool

Dan Swift(team Jorge Gurgel) vs Kenny Savercool(50/50 BJJ) This was my last tournament as a purple belt. This was a sub only tourney in West Virginia. It's kinda funny cause I ripped the ass out in my pants during the match, lol! 

I can't see it on my phone.

Kenny recently (a few months back) put a beating on me. Nice guy, too.

 this is why the mall was blocked off the other day? i thought debbie gibson was there.

 I beat Kenny earlier in the no gi invitational and popped his knee or anke. In this match I popped his elbow. I lost to one of his team mates in another division but I can't remember his name.

nice! he had a real nice deep half transition to get the sweep but you kept ahold of that arm real well. excellent sub transitions! Phone Post

 Thanks! Kenny probably is the most accomplished grappler I have ever beat. It's a toss up between him and Joe Creedon who placed 3rd in the mundials as a purple belt.

Man I don't know about all this upside down, fancy gi, big patch stuff. I was rooting for ya swift lol. Good match for the both of you guys for sure!

Lol, it was a fun match! You can hear his elbow pop inthe vid. Kenny is a super game dude. He wouldn't tap till I popped his knee or ankle either. He's a nut!

I think the other 50/50 guy was Ostap something. I remember, because Todd beat him in the semi's of the pro no gi div. Ostap was slick.

Ostap Manastyrski

That shoulder lock is a favorite, especially when the triangle angle gets fugged. Phone Post

Swift is a snitch! He sets people up Phone Post

 Yeah it was Ostap. He is very slick. He hit me with a sweet heel hook.