Dana acted like a total prick...

but hey,...what's new about that?

I have no idea why the UFC would ever agree to go on the O'Reilly Factor to "promote the sport." Everyone knows that the show does nothing but slander its guests (except when they are as right-wing as O'Reilly) and is structured to always, in every instance, give Bill O'Reilly the last word.

O'Reilly was close-minded, totally off-base, and completely misinformed as usual.

But knowing that O'Reilly is a raving lunatic, Dana should have been better prepared to calmly and clearly articulate himself (as Rich Franklin attempted to do). Instead, he came off frontin' his "tuff guy" image and came off like a gigantic prick.

UFC lost this one big-time...

But knowing that O'Reilly is a raving lunatic which everybody does so what happened doesnt matter anyway.

its just O'Reilly making a complete tit of himself again and nobody but mma fans care really in 2 days from now this will have blown over and O'Reailly will still be a nonse.