Dana and Goldie literally......

for fuck's sake..... goldie actually stated that one of the fighters literally exploded tonight. and then every other non curse word our of dana's mouth is 'literally.' like so and so literally beat the crap out of that guy. literally.

One of my pet peeves is people misusing the word "literally."

And Mike Goldberg grossly overuses it.

I agree, it literally makes my blood boil.

goldberg literally gets worse with each event

he literally has air in his head

the things he says are literally the dumbest things I've heard that day

Druskee27 - lol @ Joe Rogan having Rich Franklin watch himself get K.O'd in his post fight interview.. Rich was like "I dont know I'll watch it later"

Yeah, I thought that was rather dickish.

Does Mike Goldberg have a medical marijuana card?

ShaqNoob - Does Mike Goldberg have a medical marijuana card?

Would that excuse his many failings if he did?