Dana How bout gabeVS wiman TUFN?

Unless Wiman fights for the contract. I think it would be a good investment to do a Gabe Vs Wiman for the final show.

I would be interested in seeing it.

Just My Humble Opinion

What if Gabe doesn't make weight, again?

How about gabe vs crocop then?

I hope Wiman makes it to the finals but if not I think Wiman vs. Gabe is a possibility. Technically Gabe is still under contract with the UFC, because before his fight against Melvin Guilard he signed either a 2 or 3 fight deal. So Zuffa may still legally be required to provide Gabe another fight. If so, I'd love to see Wiman destroy him.

Gabe does not want to fight Wiman because Wiman smashed him every day in training on the show, and he does not want to further embarass himself.

He was always saying in the house he WANTED to "beat Matt's face in" or whatever... but he knows he can't.

I don;t think dana brings Gabe back for the final show, even if wiman doesn't make the finals. Thats just giving him more exposure, he had enough already.

I'd rather never see Gabe again.  Ever.  Even if he was getting beat up.