Dana = Hypocrite?

So Leben can jump the wall and not be punished.

He can destroy the house, and it's all good.

He can lose a TUF fight, and then be brought back.

He can then lose a TUF fight AGAIN, and be brought back again as some great contender...

Yet, this dude jumps the fence once and he's bagged. That's hypocritical BS. The guy definately deserved it for such a stupid move, but at least be consistent. The favortism is ridiculous.

i am sure it's in the contract.

i don't think its harsh at all. he knew that leaving the house to go bang that chick was going to have serious repercussions and he was willing to take the risk. either he is not that intelligent or he wanted out of the show to begin with.

It was in the contract for Leben too, IIRC. The other guys at that time were all saying it was against the rules and thought he'd be booted.

I wouldn't think it harsh IF it was consistent across the board. It isn't though.

I seriously think that the reason Leben wasn't booted is that this was a pilot show, and nobody knew that TUF would turn out to be the phenom that it is, roping in new fans etc... I think that the first season was more about ratings then anything else and they knew the Leben=Ratings with his antics.

Now I think there has been a shift to become a more "legit" reality show so anybody caught breaking any of the rules of the contest/show is booted. Smart move on Dana's part IMO, cause if he did not make an example of someone, future shows would be in jeopardy with people coming and going as they pleased.

Hypocrite? This has nothing to do with hypocrisy. Perhaps you mean "double standard"?

Well he publicly stated that BS about breaking the rules when privately he hold no such morals or views which is evidenced in his handling of Leben. I'd say both.

They sent him home just for the drama. If Jeremy would have been a "shit-stirer" they wouldn't have sent him home.

Dana figured he would make better tv being kicked off than remaining in the house.

Chris was Randys boy that is why he got away with everything

It was very hypocritical. It made good business sence to bring Leban back.  I am sure that companys will go to great lengths to keep their top sales people/management over violations then fire some piss on no questions asked.

I agree with him not being shit stirrer or making good tv. You can get away with that in private, but when you have evidence broadcast on a public tv station, then that's when it becomes a problem.

They'll probably black ball Jeremy anyway, so he might as well try to get a peice in court.