Dana said UFC in TEXA$ on radio!!!

One of my many sources was listening to 610 am while BLAF was being interviewed. BLAF claimed that there will be a UFC in Houston by the end of the year. I will cream my pants if this happens...not to mention ill go.

I just hope they let one certain fighter from the Houston area represent in the 155 division!!!

ttt for TEXA$

ttt for Yves.

yve$, imo


BLAF and Kendrick have also mentioned American Airlines Center in Dallas to the TDLR as well.

They have been interested in Texas (3 of the 10 largest cities in the US in one state, and they get a lot of buys on their PPVs from the spanish-speaking demographic within the state usually) for quite some time however the rules werent what they wanted. With the latest TDLR changes it is damn close to the unified rules and at least part of that is due to wanting to help bring the UFC here.

They will run in one of those two cities. Houston might be better becuase they will hope to draw from San Antonio which is closer. My only fear is that with their new press policy I wont be able to get in to take photos for TXMMA.

If its anywhere in TEXAS IT WILL BE IN DALLAS!

They have a base of known MMA fighters there and some smaller shows already and jui jitsu is very popular there. Will also draw from FT WORTH AND METRO AREA.

Lions Den....PETE SPRATT...GUY MEZGER....TRA TELLIGMAN.....some good jui jitsu fighters including the guy that knocked out MARVIN EASTMAN....

And a huge venue with ties to MARK CUBAN, American Airlines Arena

The reason they hired MARC RATNER was to expand to other states so this makes sense as a possibiilty

Well I posted this yesterday morning when I heard it live on the radio. Dana said that they were in talks to bring the UFC to Houston...the venue would be Toyota Center...he didn't clarify whether it would be an actual UFCpay per view or an Ultimate Fight Night but it sounded more like it would be an Ultimate Fight Night event because he was talking about how awesome UFN's have been. He also said Yves is still going to be used in the lightweight division even though he lost to Hominick...He then said Pride and UFC would most likely never work together in getting title unification fights because they are just so different as far as rules and the way they run their organization. He also said the next 2 episodes of TUF are going to be the best ever or something like that..

Naw man, if they have it in Texas they should have it in Hereford. Plenty of room, plenty of...cattle.

Come to think of it, the fans might outnumber the town. And if the wind is wrong,you can smell them cattle purty strong, maybe Hereford wouldn't be the best choice....

Never mind.

Oh My Shit

I hope Im home by then...(Houston)

Sweet, but bring it to DALLAS!!!!!!!!!

Next Houston Renegades is also at the Toyota Center right? Is that June 22nd or something?

Who the fuck would want to go to Texas to watch a UFC? The idea of getting out of New Jersey was a good one, but dont take two steps backwards and go to Texas.

Texas its like a whole other Country!

Next Renegades I thought was June 17th at the Verizon.

Holy Shit Deuce, why would you go to Hereford? I only know it exists because my Dad was born there and in 1983 I visited it.

If you sneeze while driving down the main street, you might miss the whole town.

FiatLux they've been looking a long, long time at Texas for a number of reasons.

"Who the fuck would want to go to Texas to watch a UFC"

Doesnt matter if they want to or not. With 3 of the top 10 largest cities in the US in a single state, and in a state that has a proven strong buyrate of UFC PPV's, technically we dont NEED anyone to come to Texas to watch a UFC - we'll fill the arena up ourselves.

Arclight has owned you bitches