Dana Sending Vitor??!!

Whats with all the BS? Dana stating he is sending Vitor to represent the UFC in Pride Grand Prix. Everyone and their Uncle knows Vitor is not under contract w/ the UFC. Why is Dana playing everyone for a fool? I wonder if the management of Pride ever thanked SEG for "sending" them Mark Coleman?

i think vitor hates the ufc now since tito beat him and he felt robbed. so now hes got pride...

Question: Isnt that Polish Judoka competing in the GP too? Pride hasnt officially mentioned him yet, whats gonig on w/ that?

I thought Vitor won, but I can also see why the decision went to Tito and I am not bitter about it. It was a close fight that could have went either way. The bottom line to me is that both knew it was close going into the final round and Vitor did nto do enough in the eyes of most judges. He needed to step it up and didn't.